The 5 key steps to BREAKTHROUGH your inner resistance and TRANSFORM your confidence so you can clearly COMMUNICATE and be heard, valued and understood at work.


Unmistakable Confidence Rachael Woolley Coaching

Learn exactly how to stop feeling defeated or frustrated with the outcome of your communication.

You’re usually pretty good at your job, but sometimes you find yourself in a place where you struggle to make your voice be heard by your team, your boss or your clients.

Are you struggling to communicate your ideas? Do you find it difficult to speak up in meetings or conversations? You feel like no one really understands you or feel like you don’t have enough confidence to influence others.

You see yourself as the type of person who is capable of speaking up and being heard. You may have even spoken up in the past – but only to find yourself feeling frustrated or powerless.

NOW, you don’t feel confident enough to communicate effectively with people; you lack clarity, and often can’t seem to get the words out. You feel like a jumble of emotions which makes it hard to be heard, understood and struggle to get what you want.

If this is a regular occurrence for you, there’s a good chance your inner resistance is holding you back at work.

Overcome those fears that are causing you to withhold your voice, so you can say what you think and deal with other people’s reactions because you no longer need to hide who you are.


  • The EXACT techniques that I use with my clients to quiet the thoughts running in their mind so they can reduce stress and increase confidence to follow through on their goals at work whether that is promotion, speak up more in meetings or go for a job interview.
  • How to improve your focus during conversations so you can stop panicking, start listening and bring about change you wish to see.
  • The one CRUCIAL tool that enables you to eliminate nervousness & anxiety so you can communicate effectively and speak up when you need to without fear of judgement ruin it.


Professional Bio

Rachael Woolley is a Mindset and Transformational coach for ambitious women, professionals and entrepreneurs who feel overworked, undervalued and stressed by their work demands. She helps them quiet the inner critic, release limiting beliefs and heal their painful past, so they can take back control of their career, reconnect to what they really want and create a more balanced path forward.

After 9 years of training and working in healthcare she was completely exhausted and unhappy. Her perfectionism, people-pleasing, and never feeling good enough drove her into a state of overworking, over-committing, and overdoing until burnout ensued and her mental health deteriorated. Eventually, she started to heal the mental and emotional overwhelm, uncover her worth and clear her overactive mind. It allowed her to prioritise what matters most, confidently speak up, start her first business, drop the medication.

Through her coaching business, Rachael helps women become aware of self-sabotaging habits and move beyond negative thoughts patterns – stop fearing negative feedback, second-guessing or questioning their capabilities. As well as communicate more effectively, say no more often and listen to their own needs and desires so they can perform well at work with ample energy for their pursuits and loves ones outside the workplace.

Through her coaching business, Rachael helps women move beyond limiting beliefs and sabotaging mindsets. By addressing fears, beliefs and stories of confidence and worthiness, allowing them to let go of self-doubt, stress, people-plesing and perfectionism. So they can realise their worth, set healthy boundaries and end the burnout cycle. With renewed energy and focus they can get back to making strides in their career, confidently pursue their goals with ample energy for their pursuits and loved ones outside the workplace.

Rachael Woolley Unmistakable Confidence

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