The 5 days to overcome IMPOSTER SYNDROME – stop feeling like a fraud so you can eliminate constant SELF-CRITICISM and feeling genuinely CONFIDENT in your decisions, actions and communications.


Banish Imposter Syndrome Rachael Woolley Coaching

Breakthrough the negative self-talk, and revive your confidence so that you can stop feeling like a fraud, feel more positive about your performance at work and make a greater contribution in the workplace.

Do you feel like there’s a huge gap between your goals and where you are at the moment? You know you need to make a change and do something about it. But you are spending most of your time figuring out what to do because it doesn’t feel like anything is working.

You have the skills to be successful and make an impact at work. But you’re not making an impact because your self-talk is negative, and you feel like a fraud.

Do you want feel like an expert in your profession? Yet you can’t help but feel that you’re not quite up to scratch when it comes to your career. You might feel like you’re just doing it for the money, or that you don’t really have what it takes.

If you’ve ever felt like a fraud in your dealings with others, or in your dealings with yourself, then you’ve probably got imposter syndrome. You feel like you’re wasting people’s time, that your ideas are stupid, or that you’re just not as smart as everyone else.
Banish Imposter Syndrome mini email course is a guide on how to overcome the insecurity that can arise when you’re not feeling good enough.


  • The EXACT techniques that I use with my clients to break through feeling like a fraud (imposter syndrome) and learn to use your inner voice to empower you, so you can stop worrying about being ‘found out’ as incapable and feel good enough in your work performance.
  • A complete guide on how to overcome comparisonitis and start with internal validation, so you now have time and energy available to take action on your career aspirations and communicate your thoughts, ideas and opinions with clients, in meetings and with your boss.
  • The one KEY FACTOR that holds us back from making decisions based on what is best for us, so you can follow your inspiration more readily instead of second-guessing yourself or being directed by the judgements of those closest to you.


Professional Bio

Rachael Woolley is a Mindset and Transformational coach for ambitious women, professionals and entrepreneurs who feel overworked, undervalued and stressed by their work demands. She helps them quiet the inner critic, release limiting beliefs and heal their painful past, so they can take back control of their career, reconnect to what they really want and create a more balanced path forward.

After 9 years of training and working in healthcare she was completely exhausted and unhappy. Her perfectionism, people-pleasing, and never feeling good enough drove her into a state of overworking, over-committing, and overdoing until burnout ensued and her mental health deteriorated. Eventually, she started to heal the mental and emotional overwhelm, uncover her worth and clear her overactive mind. It allowed her to prioritise what matters most, confidently speak up, start her first business, drop the medication.

Through her coaching business, Rachael helps women move beyond limiting beliefs and sabotaging mindsets. By addressing fears, beliefs and stories of confidence and worthiness, allowing them to let go of self-doubt, stress, people-plesing and perfectionism. So they can realise their worth, set healthy boundaries and end the burnout cycle. With renewed energy and focus they can get back to making strides in their career, confidently pursue their goals with ample energy for their pursuits and loved ones outside the workplace.

Rachael Woolley Banish Imposter Syndrome

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